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About us

We are a manufacturer specializing in punching bags, we have all kinds of punching bags. If you are a crazy punching bag lover, please join us

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2017

We have seen many boxing equipment on the market, but we think we can do better. We have our own production plant, so we can control the quality. At the same time, we fully consider user experience in product design. In the end, all the boxing related products we produced were recognized

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Beryl Wolff

I have loved boxing since I was a child and even more so when I grow up. For boxing, I once gave up a stable life.

In addition, I have participated in large and small competitions, and only my punching bags are with me. So I created thepunchingbag site, let me share my joy and products with you

Our incredible team are here for you

Edmundo Wang

Edmundo Wang

Company Director
Edmundo Wang is a person who loves life, and because of life, he put all his passion for life in the company, thank him for making us who we are now
Douglas Andreas

Douglas Andreas

Marketing Mananger
A marketer who loves boxing, he always uses his passion for boxing to infect our users. All our marketing is planned by him, which is really good
Patrick Parker

Patrick Parker

The nationally famous boxing champion is also our technical support. He knows boxing skills well, and he loves punching bags just like our CEO. So they have an intersection

Join in us

If you also love boxing and want to show more love to our users, please send us an application.

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