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13 Amazing Reflex Ball Benefits For Boxing

Ever since Vasyl Lomachanko showing his skills with his unique boxing reflex tennis ball cap, the Reflex Ball has become more and more popular and became a must-have for every fighter. After our first release of the FGHTR Fight Ball, you guys asked us what are the real reflex ball benefits. 

After training with the FGHTR Fight Ball for some time now, and getting a lot of feedback from you guys, we decided to make a list of the top 7 Best Reflex Ball Training Benefits and the main reasons why you should grab yours. Enjoy the post!

So what are the 11 Amazing Reflex Ball Benefits for Boxing?

  • Improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Will help you get rid of that flinch reflex
  • Upgrade your balance & footwork
  • Train your punching accuracy
  • Great for cardio and arm stamina
  • Very fun workout session
  • Perfect for at-home training sessions
  • Burns calories, a great tool for weight loss
  • No need to be a pro boxer
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Improve your defense skills

Let’s jump in.

#1 Improve your hand-eye coordination

Training with a Reflex Ball is fantastic for improving general hand-eye coordination. The tool will force you to only focus your eyes and brain on the ball in order to be able to string combinations of punches together while anticipating the return of the ball.

This is why it can be very challenging at first, your brain and body will have to adapt to this new practice. However, the more you will practice, the more you will be able to predict the motion of the fast-moving ball.

Having better hand-eye coordination can have a huge impact on your boxing and really help you to be quicker in your execution, reactions, and especially for counter punches. 

This improvement can be observed in no time! After only a couple of weeks of training with a reflex ball, you will already start seeing a great improvement in your hand-eye coordination.

#2 Will help you get rid of that flinch reflex

Flinch reflex is a natural reflex where a fighter may blink or close his eyes and stiffen up his body when he sees punches coming his way. The main issue of the flinch reflex is that you lose the sight of your target and open yourself to counter punches, weaken your defense, and more. It is natural but there is a way to fight through it. 

When starting out boxing or combat sport in general, flinch reflexes are very normal and challenging to get rid of. This is a natural human reflex that can be very frustrating! But do not worry, you can get rid of it!

The Reflex Ball is an amazing way to help you get rid of it! As the ball will come back to you at a fast speed, you will have to dodge it and get over your fear in order to not get hit. 

This will help a lot to get used to dodge and punch back while keeping your eyes open, your guard up and shoulders at the right place.

Of course,  I’m not saying that reflex ball training is any substitute for live sparring. But it will help you practice keeping your eyes open, and always looking at the target even with an object rebounding towards you, however. So you will start building good habits and get more used to it.

On top of using a Fight Reflex Ball, you can follow a guide such as Train Out the Flinch Reflex and you will be able to get rid of it in no time! We have seen beginners having this flinch reflex even after 1 year of training, but after following the right program and using a reflex ball, getting rid of it in 1 to 3 weeks.

#3 Upgrade your balance & footwork 

In boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or any martial arts, balance & footwork are the fundamentals of any good fighter. Shadowboxing and practice on sparring are the best ways to improve on it. 

However, adding some work with a Reflex Ball will help you to take it to the next level.

As you start to get used to hitting your reflex ball multiple times in a row, you will have to start adding some footwork in your practice in order to dodge, defend yourself and simulate counter punches.

If you want to keep a long series of punches going on your fight ball you need to land sharp and snappy punches

Doing this without being off-balance and overextending is quite challenging at first. And this is a huge benefit from the boxing reflex ball, it will help you practice to keep your feet under you landing hard punches.  

#4 Train your punching accuracy

This might sound obvious, but this is definitely one of the most noticeable benefits you’ll see after using the FGHTR Fight Ball for a few days/weeks.

The ball (which is the target) is moving very fast and in various directions, so in order to be able to hit the ball multiple times, you need to be perfectly accurate when punching the target. 

The more accurate and better contact you make with the ball, your rallies on the reflex ball will become longer and faster. 

This improvement in punching accuracy will help you to get to the next level in your boxing game, with faster and more precise punches when counter-punching or looking for a chin knockout.

And as the improvement of your hand-eye coordination, you will take advantage of this benefit very fast! We have seen some people completely changing their punching accuracy for the better in 2 weeks. 

#5 Great for cardio and arm stamina

We all know that cardio and arm stamina in a boxing fight are some of the most important factors to be the winner! We all felt our shoulders some heavy that we can’t lift out hands up anymore.

Ok, wait a minute! You’re telling me THIS is a cardio workout?

Well… Yes, it can be! As it’s very fun and addictive to practice, you will be able to spend a lot of time on this.

Also, this is a very complete exercise, where after practice you will have to move around, block, defense, dodge and way more. Of course, a reflex ball training session is a pretty low-intensity workout, but you can make it more intensive by adding some footwork, S&C exercise and much more! (your imagination is the limit)

But this will help you to raise your heart rate and get into the “fat-burning zone”. You can increase the intensity over time with your footwork or shortening the string to increase the ball’s speed and as you get better ad it, adding some footwork and balance exercise can really help you burn those extra calories while having fun doing it.

#6 Very fun workout session

Now, this benefit is not the most impactful on your boxing… But wait! This is still probably the most important benefit which will help you to be able to take advantage of all the other ones in the long run. 

Training with a Reflex ball is very fun, which means that it won’t be one of those boring training sessions and you will be able to be way more consistent with it without being a pain. It is also probably because it is a pretty novel and tricky training too, your mind will be completely off the fact you are working out.

Of course, when starting out, it can be very challenging and so frustrating. But if you stick to it for a few days/weeks of practice, you will find out how fun and addictive it is! 

#7 Perfect for at-home training sessions

For some people, daily job and routine might not match with your gym’s open hours. We all found ourselves lazy to start working out at home, and the fight ball is perfect to get over that! 

Using the FGHTR Fight ball as a warmup or a full training session is an amazing supplement to your gym sessions. Also, it doesn’t require much space so your bedroom will be plenty of space to use it!

As it is also very portable and very cost-efficient, you will be able to take it with you any time, anywhere for a very low price tag.

#8 Burns calories, a great tool for weight loss

As the reflex ball will train you hitting a small target over and over again, your punches will become more precise, accurate and clean! Which will greatly improve your punching accuracy, fast!

This will lead to very complete and active workouts which quickly add up and help you losing weight! As mentioned above, training with a reflex ball can be very fun so you will be able to train for a long time without being bored, which, well, will help you losing weight!

#9 No need to be a pro boxer

Using a reflex ball is very simple, it will be hard at first but it doesn’t require any advanced boxing skills to get started with it!

So whether you are a pro boxer, beginner or even someone who have never done any boxing before, the reflex ball will be a great tool for you and you will be able to take advance of all the benefits listed above!

#10 Increase focus and concentration

Due to the fast pace of the reflex ball, staying focused on the ball can be quite hard at first. Over time, using a reflex ball will really help you to increase your focus and concentration as you will be used to keep your focus on one target for hours!

Meanwhile, be careful to not get hit in the face. This is why we advise on the FGHTR Fight Ball eBook to start slowly with a good process to be able to take advantage of all the benefits above without taking any risks!

#11 Improve your defense skills

You can add up a lot of exercises with your footwork moving around and catching the reflex ball which will really help you improving your defense skills! On top of that, you will be able to see the punches coming faster than ever which will build your reflexes (as mentioned above) which will for sure improve your defense skills for boxing.


A Fight / Reflex ball is an amazing training tool to improve your boxing skills for a very low cost. You have also noticed that from a very simple training tool like this, you can take advantage of a lot of amazing benefits!

You can make your own Fight Reflex Ball at home with a tennis ball. However, this is very dangerous and not really recommended as a tennis ball is very hard and can break your nose on its way back. (we’ve seen that multiple times…)

This is why spending a few extra bucks to get one designed for this use is much better, most cost-efficient and way safer than making your own.

Also, with your reflex ball you will now get a free PDF Guide on “How To Master Your FGHTR Fight Ball” which will help you to get started and use it to its full potential.

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